These are the things that I’m working on right now, in order of priority.

  • Raising my daughter with my wonderful wife.
  • Recording and editing Explorers Wanted, a weekly Numenera actual play podcast.
  • Leading and collaborating at 5d20 Media.
  • Providing consultations on creative projects.
  • Writing a novel currently code-named BLACK CONDUIT.
  • Writing short fiction stories to scratch various creative itches.
  • Reading from a book, whether fiction or non-fiction, every single day. If I’m not reading at least 50 books a year, I don’t feel sane. This has the added benefit of priming my creative pump for writing projects.
  • Running a biweekly Numenenera game for some of my other friends.
  • Writing at Andrlik dot org as time permits, which is sadly more rare these days.

Think we should work together? Feel free to pitch me.

I will update this page periodically as things change. The last update was made on 2020-10-28.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.