Quest for Organization: Not Really a Review of Things

Posted on Sun 16 August 2009 in Dispatches • Tagged with apple, productivity, reviews, software, things • 8 min read

I am not naturally a very organized person, which is something I’ve always struggled with. My tendency, from an early age, has always been to try and hold all my responsibilities, appointments and tasks within my head. I was fairly successful at it, which led to my developing an …

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Strong passwords no panacea as SSH brute-force attacks rise

Posted on Thu 15 May 2008 in Dispatches • Tagged with apple, linux, security, ssh, sshd • 1 min read

Okay, if you still have your box configured to allow remote logins as “root”, then you deserve anything you get. Otherwise, start using strong passphrases (not a password, those are too easy), or if you can swing it with your work flow, use an ssh key rather than a text-based …

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A Mystery Solved: ‘Fake Steve’ Is an Editor - New York Times

Posted on Sun 05 August 2007 in Dispatches • Tagged with apple, funny, sad • 1 min read

Fake Steve Jobs true identity is revealed to be Forbes editor, Daniel Lyons.

FSJ’s response to the revelation (not unexpected) is also pretty funny.

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