A Minimum Wage of $70,000 a Year

Posted on Thu 16 April 2015 in Dispatches • Tagged with business, culture, economics, politics, wages • 1 min read

The New York Times reports that a Seattle-based company has announced that they will be increasing the minimum wage for all of their employees to $70,000 per year.

“The market rate for me as a C.E.O. compared to a regular person is ridiculous, it’s absurd,” said …

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Explaining Bitcoin

Posted on Tue 28 January 2014 in Dispatches • Tagged with bitcoin, economics, politics, tech • 1 min read

Nik Custodio has put together a wonderfully easy to read primer on Bitcoin titled “Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five”. I think there are valid concerns out there about Bitcoin (more of that another time), but it doesn’t stop it from being a remarkable technological achievement, and this article …

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Quote: Mike Monteiro

Posted on Fri 03 January 2014 in Dispatches • Tagged with culture, economics, feels, human condition, poverty • 1 min read

Every night, homeless people construct their nightly shelters outside the Quaker meeting house. Quakers will not make you leave. And have a high level of empathy. A few weeks ago I was walking home and there was a woman, a homeless woman, setting up a space. She’d unrolled a …

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The sting of poverty

Posted on Wed 30 April 2008 in Dispatches • Tagged with economics, philosophy, poverty, psychology • 1 min read

This is an interesting article covering an theory advanced by Charles Karelis that traditional economic theories don’t apply to the experience of the poor. The idea being that when living in poverty, “we see the world around us not in terms of goods to be consumed but as problems …

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