Chuck Wendig Critiques Your Story

Posted on Tue 26 May 2015 in Dispatches • Tagged with humor, writing • 1 min read

Chuck Wendig serves up a thoughtful and accurate critique of your current work in progress, which he has not read. While doing so, he highlights the key points of progression that should occur in a story. Namely, illustrating how things keep getting worse until your protagonist figures out a real …

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Sam Sykes Dooms You All With Wizard’s Quest

Posted on Mon 30 December 2013 in Dispatches • Tagged with drinking, games, humor • 1 min read

Author Sam Sykes has concocted a drinking game certain to destroy anyone foolish enough to play it. It’s quite clever, but I am certain that there is no way that this does not end with someone throwing up.

That will teach you for meddling with the dark arts.

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Posted on Fri 08 October 2004 in Dispatches • Tagged with humor • 1 min read

I have recently rediscovered my love for StrongBad and Eric Conveys An Emotion. Check them out, you are guaranteed to laugh.

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