“Hanging out the window with a bottle full of rain”

Posted on Tue 11 October 2005 in Dispatches • Tagged with music, reviews • 1 min read

Okay, I just broke an oath I swore to myself that I would never use song lyrics in a blog post, and I promise to never do it again. I have good reason this time though.

A couple weeks ago I picked up a copy of Rain Dogs by Tom …

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Yay! *does happy dance*

Posted on Fri 07 October 2005 in Dispatches • Tagged with music, personal • 1 min read

The Dresden Dolls are going to be doing a show in Madison!!!!

It looks like the Dolls will be here Oct. 17th at the Barrymore Theatre, which promises to rock my socks off. The funny thing is that with my usual attire and personality I will stick out like a …

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Mmm, That’s Good Geek!

Posted on Sun 18 September 2005 in Dispatches • Tagged with assorted geekery, games, music • 1 min read

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to Jade Empire the last couple days. Yes, I am a huge nerd and actually bought the musical score of a video game.

But you have to understand: it’s that good.

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RIAA Strikes Again: Master Blaster!

Posted on Wed 27 July 2005 in Dispatches • Tagged with culture, music, news, tech • 1 min read

Can’t you see? He has the mind of a child!

Or rather, the RIAA does.

Seriously, this is just getting ridiculous. The RIAA has done it again, and yes, they made bunny cry. Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing explains this very well in his brief commentary, and I’m …

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Treat Yourself

Posted on Tue 21 June 2005 in Dispatches • Tagged with music, reviews • 1 min read

If you have not done so yet, do yourself a favor and pick up the new White Stripes album, Get Behind Me Satan. It is wonderful and I have been seriously digging on it for the last few weeks.

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A Suggestion

Posted on Thu 02 June 2005 in Dispatches • Tagged with music • 1 min read

I am working on a more substantial post coming up soon, but it probably will not be ready until sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you have never listened to it before, pick up “The Boatman’s Call” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It is an absolutely beautiful …

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