Christmas in Detention

Posted on Sun 23 December 2007 in Dispatches • Tagged with friends, immigration, law, politics • 1 min read

My friend Christina, who works in immigration law, has penned this powerful post regarding how immigrants in detention will be spending their holiday season. I’m not the only one linking to this or quoting the same passage, but it’s such a powerful image:

One of the detention centers …

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Quick Post: Daily Show Covers Congressional Hearings On Violent Video Games

Posted on Tue 27 June 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with culture, funny, games, politics • 1 min read

This is absolutely hilarious. Funny enough to make me break my personal rule about embedding video in blog posts. :)

I’ll be back to regular blogging soon, I promise.

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Jon Stewart’s Bitch-Slap Is In High Form

Posted on Thu 08 June 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with culture, news, politics • 1 min read

Via Boing Boing:

I’m a little late on this one, especially since I took my unplanned blog vacation.

If you haven’t seen the footage of Jon Stewart intellectually pounding conservative pundit Bill Bennett, you are missing out. Bennett appeared on the Daily Show to discuss his opposition to …

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NSA Collects Longest List Of Phone Sex Numbers Ever

Posted on Thu 11 May 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with politics • 4 min read

Despite my poking fun in the title, this is really serious stuff.

As a nation, we have all heard about the NSA tapping our phone lines for the administration’s domestic surveillance program. We have all heard how these warrant-less wiretaps were not processed by the courts but in secret …

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Colbert Performs At White House Correspondent Dinner

Posted on Mon 01 May 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with funny, news, politics • 1 min read

If you haven’t heard about Stephen Colbert’s scathing performance at the Annual Correspondent’s Dinner, I’m not surprised. As near as I can tell, the traditional media isn’t really covering it in much detail. This may be due to the fact that he ruthlessly tears the …

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No Enforced RFID In My State!

Posted on Tue 25 April 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with culture, news, politics, tech • 2 min read

Via /.:

Wisconsin may soon become the first state to ban the practice of mandatory microchip implants in human beings. State Representative Marlin Schneider has authored a proposal that will make it illegal for governments and companies to require RFID chips, or implanting them in employees without their knowledge. (Granted, I …

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DMCA: The Next Generation… Coming Soon

Posted on Mon 24 April 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with culture, news, politics, tech • 2 min read

The Bush administration has a new version of DMCA to offer you, and it’s so much worse.

In this article, Declan McCullagh of CNET news describes the Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006 that the administration plans to propose via their lackey Representative Lamar Smith. It’s extremely broad …

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The Geeks Enter Politics In A Big Way

Posted on Thu 13 April 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with assorted geekery, politics, tech • 1 min read

I was just listening to the most recent episode of TWiT when I learned of the formation of a new non-partisan political organization dedicated to causes near and dear to a geek’s heart. IPac is focused on engaging directly in the political arena in ways that organizations like the …

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Sioux Tribal President To Offer Abortion Clinic In South Dakota

Posted on Wed 22 March 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with news, politics • 1 min read

Via Warren Ellis:

This is a sort of exciting development in the South Dakota abortion story. The president of the Oglala Sioux tribe of South Dakota, Cecilia Fire Thunder, is so upset that she has stated she intends to set up a Planned Parenthood clinic upon her personal land within …

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Hollywood Refuses To Dance With The MPAA, Chooses Common Sense As Partner Instead

Posted on Tue 28 February 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with drm, movies, politics • 1 min read

Via Boing Boing and Digg:

Recently, Brad Hunt of the MPAA presented their plans for requiring DRM technology that would effectively close the “analog-hole” to prevent movie piracy. Unexpectedly, the rest of Hollywood showed some reason and reacted very negatively to the proposal. Thank god some folks in Hollywood are …

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