Weeknotes for 2022-04-01

Posted on Fri 01 April 2022 in Dispatches • Tagged with comics, movies, python, rust, tv, weeknotes • 2 min read

This week has been both incredibly busy, but also frustrating vague on things I can share. It doesn’t help that I’ve had a cold kicking my ass for the last few days.1 The fact that spring is here, kicking my seasonal allergies into overdrive isn’t great …

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Weeknotes for 2022-03-25

Posted on Fri 25 March 2022 in Dispatches • Tagged with cookiecutter, explorers wanted, personal, python, rust, weeknotes • 1 min read

This week in the world of Daniel:

  • Released two new versions of django-quotes. Those are focused around making the app more flexible for lots of users, and some developer help with typing annotations.
  • Released a new cookiecutter template for my preferred setup for Django packages. This will make starting up …

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TIL - Importing annotations from future for concise Python typing

Posted on Fri 18 March 2022 in Dispatches • Tagged with python, til • 1 min read

Python 3.10 introduced several improvements for type hints, including a much more concise Union operator. This means that instead of using:

def square(number: Union[int, float]) -> Union[int, float]:
    return number ** 2

You can instead write this:

def square(number: int | float) -> int | float:
    return number ** 2

The …

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Weeknotes for 2022-03-18

Posted on Fri 18 March 2022 in Dispatches • Tagged with asdf, explorers wanted, fish, games, movies, ohmyzsh, pelican, personal, pyenv, python, tv, weeknotes, zsh • 2 min read

This week in the world of Daniel:

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TIL - Running make apidocs for Read the Docs

Posted on Mon 28 February 2022 in Dispatches • Tagged with python, til • 1 min read

I was hacking on my quote service the other day, and notice that Read the Docs wasn’t building my module level documentation, which meant that anyone that wanted to look at said modules in more detail was getting a 404 error. One option was to simply make running make …

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Migrating a Django application from Heroku to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Posted on Sun 16 December 2018 in Dispatches • Tagged with aws, development, django, elastic beanstalk, heroku, python • 14 min read

Here’s the scenario you find yourself in: you’ve built and deployed a cool little Django app, and successfully deployed it on Heroku. You’ve followed all the great advice out there and are using django-environ to help manage all the various configuration variables you have to retrieve from …

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Soaring with Pelican

Posted on Fri 19 May 2017 in Dispatches • Tagged with assorted geekery, development, meta, pelican, personal, python • 3 min read

Pelican logo

Get Pelican: it’s good!

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he begins to neglect his digital lawn, and the weeds grow so thick you wouldn’t think there was any home there at all. Such has been the state of Ministry for the last …

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Switching To Octopress

Posted on Thu 24 January 2013 in Dispatches • Tagged with assorted geekery, development, django, hyde, jekyll, meta, octopress, python, ruby • 6 min read

This site is now powered by Octopress. The tentacles compell you!


It’s tentacly delicious!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been looking to try out a new CMS for this site. The reasons were myriad, and they were all discussed in the aforementioned post …

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Bleach: HTML Sanitization

Posted on Mon 03 January 2011 in Dispatches • Tagged with development, html, python, security • 1 min read

Bleach is a rather clever Python module for sanitizing HTML input and auto-linking URLs. It uses a whitelist for the allowed elements and attributes (thank God), and will avoid trying to “linkify” URLs that are already within an anchor element. The way it pulls this off is to build an …

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Version 3.0

Posted on Sun 28 November 2010 in Dispatches • Tagged with announcements, development, django, python • 5 min read

After lots of hard work, some swearing, and lots of patience on the part of my wife, Version 3.0 of this site is now live. It’s been a long journey, but getting it done has been very satisfying.

A Little History

When I first switched to using my …

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