Running Yahoo! Pipes on Google App Engine » Wordloosed

Posted on Mon 01 November 2010 in Dispatches • Tagged with google, pipes, python, yahoo • 1 min read

Greg Gaughan has put together a rather clever Python script that can take a pipe created and hosted on Yahoo! Pipes into a Python module. The resulting file allows you to run your pipe directly from your computer as opposed to relying on Yahoo! servers. Gaughan has also built a …

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Easier custom Model Manager Chaining

Posted on Tue 20 July 2010 in Dispatches • Tagged with django, orm, programming, python • 1 min read

Via Simon Willison:

This is a really convenient way to add custom functions to model managers in Django. Way easier than defining custom managers each time you need extra functionality.

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Django Rosetta

Posted on Sat 12 April 2008 in Dispatches • Tagged with development, django, programming, python • 1 min read

Via Simon Willison:

This is a real cool Django app that creates an awesome interface to help internationalize your site. Allows the adminstrator, and an optional group of designated translators to read and write your site’s gettext files.

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Django Evolution

Posted on Sat 12 April 2008 in Dispatches • Tagged with databases, django, django evolution, programming, python • 1 min read

This is one of the more promising projects in progress on the Schema Migration front. Schema evolution can be a bit painful and projects like this for automatically migrating database structure based on the Python model code will be a necessity for long term projects.

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Quick Post: My Pownces, Let Me Show You Them

Posted on Wed 05 March 2008 in Dispatches • Tagged with api, assorted geekery, development, django, pownce, programming, python, social networking • 1 min read

Heh, I had a little fun this afternoon writing a little Django app for my site that will regularly import my public Pownce notes and allow me to display them in the sidebar. It’s really just a modified version of the app I’m using for my Twitter statuses …

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Send Django Exceptions to DPaste

Posted on Sun 09 December 2007 in Dispatches • Tagged with development, django, programming, python • 1 min read

Michael Trier points out a cool new feature in Django that is awesome for debugging. On Django error pages (with DEBUG turned on) there is now a button that will automatically post the contents to dpaste. Very nice, indeed.

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Posted on Wed 19 September 2007 in Dispatches • Tagged with django, holiday, pirate, python • 1 min read

Ahoy, mateys! Today be the official Talk Like A Pirate Day and the Ministry o’ Intrigue will be celebrating by servin’ up all me text as pirate speak fer the duration.

This be accomplished by activatin’ a piece o’ Django middleware as suggested in thar Django Master Class and I …

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Fun With Django Feeds

Posted on Fri 03 August 2007 in Dispatches • Tagged with atom, development, django, howto, python, rss • 5 min read

I would like to take a moment to show you how easy it is to create feeds in Django, and the easiest way to do that is by example. For brevity’s sake, I’m going to use a simplified version of a Django-powered blog. So, let’s say you …

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Django Rocks My World

Posted on Wed 09 August 2006 in Dispatches • Tagged with assorted geekery, development, django, python, tech • 4 min read

So as I mentioned before I’ve been learning Python, and it has been a lot of fun. It says something that I can spend all day at work writing code, only getting up from the computer to scavenge the vending machines, but when the end of the day comes …

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