Wisdom from Molly Conway

Posted on Fri 10 January 2020 in Dispatches • Tagged with quote • 1 min read

You don’t have to monetize your joy.

— Molly Conway, The Modern Trap of Feeling Obligated to Turn Hobbies Into Hustles

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Umberto Eco on the appeal of the cliché

Posted on Sun 24 November 2019 in Dispatches • Tagged with books, film, quote • 1 min read

When all the archetypes shamelessly burst in, we plumb Homeric depths. Two clichés are laughable. A hundred clichés are affecting–because we become obscurely aware that the clichés are talking to one another and holding a get-together. As the height of suffering meets sensuality, and the height of depravity verges …

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NY Review of Books: A Universe of One’s Own

Posted on Tue 09 July 2019 in Dispatches • Tagged with books, history, quote, sff • 1 min read

[Joanna] Russ had no patience for a genre predicated on the notion of speculative technologies but unable to imagine social institutions and women’s roles in them as freely. She would surely have objected to some of the stories in The Future Is Female. Nevertheless, nearly three hundred women writers …

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Warren Ellis on making mistakes

Posted on Fri 29 March 2019 in Dispatches • Tagged with art, quote • 1 min read

Warren Ellis’ commencement speech to University of Essex at Southend is a delight to read. I particularly loved this bit.

Making mistakes happens when you’re trying something new. It’s how you know you’re bending the envelope.  Making mistakes is how you learn, and sometimes a mistake gives …

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Jacinda Ardern’s inspiring response to the Christchurch shooting

Posted on Tue 19 March 2019 in Dispatches • Tagged with news, quote • 1 min read

This is a hell of a speech from New Zealand’s PM on the Christchurch shooting.

We cannot know your grief, but we can walk with you at every stage. We can. And we will, surround you with aroha, manaakitanga and all that makes us, us. Our hearts are heavy …

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Xia Jia on time

Posted on Thu 28 February 2019 in Dispatches • Tagged with quote • 1 min read

I gave a lecture on time travel where, using the “butterfly effect,” I explained that we cannot predict the weather or one’s trajectory in life accurately. Every second in our past matters equally.

It has taken all the moments of my life for me to become who I am …

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Cal Newport on digital minimalism

Posted on Sun 27 January 2019 in Dispatches • Tagged with quote, tech • 1 min read

To succeed with this approach, a useful first step is to remove from your smartphone any apps that make money from your attention. This includes social media, addictive games and newsfeeds that clutter your screen with “breaking” notifications. Unless you’re a cable news producer, you don’t need minute-by-minute …

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Halloween is big money

Posted on Wed 31 October 2018 in Dispatches • Tagged with halloween, quote • 1 min read

Thus, a new American tradition was born, and it has continued to grow. Today, Americans spend an estimated $6 billion annually on Halloween, making it the country’s second largest commercial holiday after Christmas.

 Halloween 2018 - HISTORY

From the same article I also learned that 25% of all candy purchased …

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Warren Ellis and professional OpSec

Posted on Sun 28 January 2018 in Dispatches • Tagged with privacy, quote, satire • 1 min read

Warren Ellis on limiting your availability for both productivity and OpSec:

When you reply to this, it doesn’t go to my main email. It goes to a public-facing email account that I have to manually go to. Aggressively filter what goes to your main email account and don’t …

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Merlin Mann on a better media diet

Posted on Thu 30 November 2017 in Dispatches • Tagged with politics, quote, social media • 1 min read

Politics, celebrity gossip, business headlines, tech punditry, odd news, and user-generated content.

These are the chew toys that have made me sad and tired and cynical.

— Merlin Mann, Better

This is from the revised essay republished seven years ago. It’s worth revisiting, especially when you add in our new …

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