HTML Video Codec Support in Chrome

Posted on Tue 11 January 2011 in Dispatches • Tagged with chrome, google, h.264, html5, standards, video • 1 min read

Google is dropping H.264 support in Chrome, in favor of WebM and Theora. Considering the tide of sites that are doing H.264 streaming these days, this seems like a bad move. I get that this is posturing, but if site owners are stuck dual encoding video just to …

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NaNoWriMo: Day One

Posted on Sat 01 November 2008 in Dispatches • Tagged with nanowrimo, personal, video, writing • 1 min read

I can’t decide if NaNoWriMo is harder than I thought it would be, or if I’m just a bigger wimp than I thought I was. Regardless, it is tough. So, rather than writing out a long entry about it, when I should be working on the novel, I …

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Crawling Out Of A Pidgeonhole

Posted on Fri 25 April 2008 in Dispatches • Tagged with announcements, meta, personal, video, writing • 3 min read

It appears that I have written myself into a corner here.

When I first started this site back in 2004, I intended it just as a writing exercise. It was supposed to be a place where I would publish daily in order to build discipline as a writer. I had …

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