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Office Atemi: it's not all hugs and rainbows
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Since my post about Aikido at work a few months ago, I’ve received a number of questions that have the same theme. Take this one from reader Kevin: I like what you’re saying about resolving conflict, but doesn’t that [mean] you’re always reactive?
How Aikido can change the way you work
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Articles aikido martial arts business conflict self improvement
It’s been close to eleven years since I last wore a gi and was thrown over someone’s hip, but I still practice Aikido every day. Not in a dojo, and not on a practice mat, but in the office and in my home.


I’m Not Dead
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Wow, I’ve been slacking with this blog the last few days, but with good reason. I had a very busy weekend and now I am ill. This weekend I had my normal crazy work schedule, although the multiple viewings of Serenity did mess up my sleep schedule a bit.
“Oh, my User!”
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Well, I went to the 6:00am class of Aikido yesterday. I wanted to make sure I got that practice session in otherwise I would have to wait three days to get back on the mat, although in retrospect it may not have been so wise to go when I was still so sore from the day before.
A Familiar Ache That Brings A Smile
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I finally went back to Aikido today. I went and joined the local dojo and attended my first class there, and I am so glad I did. While my body has forgotten a lot of what it once knew, I felt a joy in the practice and exertion.