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Introducing Explorers Wanted
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It isn’t news to anyone that I’m a big fan of Numenera. It is my favorite game to run and I will shamelessly hype for it to anyone who will listen.


Odds & Ends - June 2011
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General Updates For the Month of June 2011> General Updates For the Month of June 2011 # I have been traveling virtually non-stop for work the last couple of months, so I have not had much time to devote to this site.


Version 3.0
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After lots of hard work, some swearing, and lots of patience on the part of my wife, Version 3.0 of this site is now live. It’s been a long journey, but getting it done has been very satisfying.
Quick Post: Tweaking Feeds
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Just a short post to say that I’m altering the Everything feed1 for this site. Previously, it contained all the blog posts, links and photos that appear here. However, as I am piping this feed into several external sites, notably Google Buzz, and until services like Buzz allow me to specify particular feeds for import, as opposed to using auto-discovery, I risk flooding my activity stream every time I do a mass upload to my Flickr account.


Code Revision and NaNoWriMo
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I have not had time to post here in a while. My new job has kept me very busy and most of the time when I get home I just want to relax and spend time with my girlfriend.
Comments Closed Temporarily While I Do Some Plumbing
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Photo by golfer4life under a Creative Commons license. I’ve had to shut off commenting functionality for the time being folks. The spammers have been trying hard to get in, and the code that I’ve written to run comments though Akismet for spam checking is occasionally resulting in a spinning process on the server if it gets too many requests.
And I'm Back
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Those of you who read this site via RSS probably wouldn’t have noticed, but this site had some unexpected downtime this last weekend. My webhost, the always wonderful Webfaction, uses The Planet for at least some of their datacenter services, however there was a nasty hardware failure at the Huston datacenter:
Crawling Out Of A Pidgeonhole
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It appears that I have written myself into a corner here. When I first started this site back in 2004, I intended it just as a writing exercise. It was supposed to be a place where I would publish daily in order to build discipline as a writer.


Updates, ToDo and a Request for Feedback
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Hopefully not too many people tried to stop by the site today, because I had a pretty severe outage due to my own foolishness. I’ve been trying to implement a few new features to the site, and in one particularly bad move I managed to wipe an important file that isn’t stored in my SCM because it is server dependent.
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<clears throat> This is actually just a short post to warn you that there will be a pretty major overhaul to the site in the near future. The majority of this will consist of a redesign to improve readability, as well as making the site play nicer with mobile browsers, specifically Opera Mobile and WebKit.
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Well, it took a long time, but I finally finished! Welcome to the new Ministry of Intrigue. This site is now powered by Django, the marvelous Python framework many of you have heard me rave about again and again.


Happy Birthday Interwebs…
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The World Wide Web turned 15 yesterday. Still one more year before it can get a driver’s license. :) Wikipedia Entry on the World Wide Web
I Am In Fact Alive
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Wow, where the hell have I been?! It’s two days shy of a month since I last posted, which is an eternity online. As is probably obvious, I’ve been really busy with work and all the other interesting things that life can throw at you.
I Feed The Google Monster, It Excretes Data…
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Today, I finally got my Google Analytics invite. I can’t remember when I first applied for it, but it must have been several months ago. I have heard tales on the web that GA is slow and can bog down page loading, but I haven’t noticed any difference since I added the code to my template.
Well That Was Pretty Fast
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Well, I’m already back at my old hosting provider, Celphi. All I’ll say right now is DO NOT EVER use Dreamhost. While Dreamhost offers a stunning amount of storage and bandwidth for the money, they restrict your use of CPU time in such a way that any script-based dynamic site just simply won’t work in the long run through them.
Migration Complete!
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If you can see this post, that means that your ISP has updated its DNS cache and you are now viewing the Ministry of Intrigue at its new home! Everything should work for you now, but in the off chance you left me a non-spammy comment inbetween the previous post and now there is a chance that it didn’t quite survive the move.
Prepare For Turbulence
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The Ministry of Intrigue may experience some technical difficulties over the next 48 hours or so as I migrate to a new web host. Expect random outages and random errors. Hopefully it should all resolve itself fairly quickly.
Please Wait, Your Program Is Loading…
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I apologize for the delay between posts, but I’ve been a little busy the last couple days. However, I do have a few things in the works and hopefully I’ll be able to post quite a bit tomorrow, including my review of V for Vendetta.
“One Outside The Loop Of Destiny”
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I had to respectfully withdraw from the TTLB Ecosystem because the JavaScript required, which updates my status on it, was causing serious drag at load time for the blog. I no longer shall fight for my meat in that food chain, so the infuriating white screen while you wait for the Ministry to retrieve content shouldn’t happen anymore.
Appearance On Creepy Sleepy Show Podcast
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Okay, you’ve heard me telling the Courtesy story, which admitedly was pitch-shifted. If you want to hear me being relatively serious (well, with a few exceptions) you can check out my guest appearance via Skype on the most recent release of the Creepy Sleepy Show Podcast (show 38).