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Scientific American: Brains Not Required for Cognition
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Rowan Jacobson, in this month’s issue of Scientific American, has written an article that is chock-full of mind-blowing implications for how we understand cognition, memory, and cellular development. I highly encourage you to read the whole thing, but here are just a few examples.


Suppressing Old Memories Key to Learning New Ones
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This article from Ars Technica covers some interesting new research on the science of memory, and why our memories deteriorate over time. It is because we push them out of the way in order to integrate new ones.
Peter Watts and the Gene Genies
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Articles Future Biology Genetics
Peter Watts serves up a two part article on RNA editing, and how it might impact the future of entire populations. It is frightening.


Quick Post: Body Worlds
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This weekend I went to the Body Worlds exhibit at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.


This Is So Cool
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Scientists have finally captured footage of a living giant squid! I’ve been waiting for this for years. For those of you not familiar with the significance of this discovery, while we have known of giant squids as well as seeing the wounds from their attacks on whales and have occasionally discovered dead ones that have drifted to shore, up until this point no one had succeeded in seeing one live.


Pet My Coat, It Is Frightened
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Okay, I was just reading a Wired article about some Australian scientists that are trying to grow a “stitchless [and] victimless” leather coat from living human and mouse cells. You can find the article here.