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Evil Editor Is Here To Help You
·454 words·3 mins
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If you are interested in being published, or just want some great entertainment, you should head on over to Evil Editor and read his hilariously vicious critiques. The relatively new blog is run by an anonymous editor (surprise!
Podiobook Recommendation: How To Disappear Completely
·357 words·2 mins
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I highly HIGHLY recommend you go over to Podiobooks and subscribe to the novel How To Disappear Completely: The Terrible Business of Salmon and Dusk by Myke Bartlett. It is strongly written, with interesting characters, and a story that reaches out, grabs you and pulls you along for a twisted ride through the dark alleyways of London.
So Now I’m Also Hooked On Podiobooks
·366 words·2 mins
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Okay, I have yet another addiction provided by the Internet. Among all the other things I spend my time doing online, between listening to podcasts, reading blogs, writing blog entries, tracking news and writing code, I am now avidly listening to the podiobooks provided at (where else?


Review: Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
·610 words·3 mins
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I have been eagerly waiting the publication of Anansi Boys ever since I read about it over a year ago on Neil Gaiman’s blog. So it was with a great deal of excitement, that I brought home my copy today.
Review: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
·595 words·3 mins
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Elizabeth Kostova’s debut novel, The Historian is a scholarly thriller set in Cold War Europe. It is the tale of several academics who become obsessed with the legend of Vlad the Impaler after having mysterious volumes delivered to them containing only a detailed illustration of a enormous dragon within.