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Weeknotes for 2023-01-13
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This week I’ve been in the Netherlands for work, so between jet lag and meetings I’ve been pretty wiped out. Still, I’ve managed to get a few non-work related things done as well.
Quote: Gizmodo's Scoop on New WotC License
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The new version of the license is “over 9,000 words long”, and, well, it sounds pretty bad.


How Magic the Gathering Saved Dungeons & Dragons
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Ryan C. Burch has published an interesting piece on Geek Speaker about how Wizards of the Coast used principles from Magic the Gathering to save D&D from itself. His contention is that 2E was inaccessible to most gamers, and that TSR had made management decisions that had seriously hampered future development.
Five Room Dungeons
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This article from Strolen’s Citadel is easily the best piece of practical advice for a DM that I’ve found. Dungeon design is difficult to get right. Despite what the swollen published modules may lead you to believe, shorter crawls are almost always better.


The DM’s Adventuring Kit
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I recently wrote about my return to Dungeons and Dragons, and promised another post where I would share what tools our group is using to facilitate our long-distance games. It’s really critical to make sure that game groups are well organized, or many campaigns will fizzle out due to the amount of work involved.
Drunks & Dragons
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I was randomly searching the iTunes podcast directory a few weeks ago and stumbled across the Drunks & Dragons podcast. Essentially, it’s a series of recorded gaming sessions between friends playing through their first campaign.