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New Fiction: A Heart Has Roots of Flame and Blood
·114 words·1 min
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I’ve posted a new short story in Ye Olde Fiction section. This one’s for anyone who’s felt alien, and trapped by the weight of their own feelings. It’s also a reminder that those feelings can have power, even if it manifests in unexpected ways.
New Fiction: Memories of Stars
·259 words·2 mins
Articles fiction meta writing featured
There’s a new short story in ye olde fiction section. Well, I say, “new”. This is actually a couple years old, but it felt like a good time to share it.


New Fiction: “What His Sister Told Him”
·717 words·4 mins
Articles fiction meta writing featured
I’ve added the short story that I wrote for the Kopoint Halloween Spooktacular to the fiction section of this site. I’ll continue to add stories and fiction projects that I release online to that area as the days go forward.