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On The Use of Code in Weblog Titles
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Via James Bennett: Some very clever uses of code in blog titles. My favorite belongs to Charles Miller: tail -f /dev/mind > blog.


A Mystery Solved: ‘Fake Steve’ Is an Editor - New York Times
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Fake Steve Jobs true identity is revealed to be Forbes editor, Daniel Lyons. FSJ’s response to the revelation (not unexpected) is also pretty funny.


Watchmen: Stan Lee Style
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Via Boing Boing: Just a quick post, but if you are at all into comics you will get a kick out of blogger Kevin Church’s hilarious reimagining of Alan Moore’s Watchmen as if it was written by Stan Lee.
Quick Post: Daily Show Covers Congressional Hearings On Violent Video Games
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This is absolutely hilarious. Funny enough to make me break my personal rule about embedding video in blog posts. :) I’ll be back to regular blogging soon, I promise.
Colbert Performs At White House Correspondent Dinner
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If you haven’t heard about Stephen Colbert’s scathing performance at the Annual Correspondent’s Dinner, I’m not surprised. As near as I can tell, the traditional media isn’t really covering it in much detail.
PSA: Danger of Cinnamon Rolls
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Just so you all know, it is extremely difficult to eat a cinnamon roll and look professional at the same time. You either pick it apart and end up with frosting all over your fingers, or you attempt to bite the roll whole leaving you looking like some sort of manchild with a face smeared with sugary paste.
Abuse Can Be Funny
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You simply need to read this account of Sim abuse. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve read all week.
The Sharks And The Jets Are Scrawnier Than I Remember…
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Via Digg: You absolutely need to read this hilarious article about a drunken rumble-that-almost-was between employees of ATI and NVIDIA employees at the CeBIT conference. It appears to have started after the ATI folks showed up during an NVIDIA and started hitting on one of the female NVIDIA employees.
Bat (Baby, Why You Gotta Make Me Hit You?) - A Tale In Two Parts - 2
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Last night I was monkeying around on my computer while enjoying the David Cross comedy album Shut Up, You Fucking Baby!, and I noticed a dark shape out of the corner of my eye.
Bat (Baby, Why You Gotta Make Me Hit You?) - A Tale In Two Parts - 1
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Many years ago, back when I was in high school, my three closest friends and I were called in to wage war against an opponent roughly 0.5% our size. You see, Quentin’s family had a bat that had snuck into their guest room and was trying to set up a life for itself in the shadows above the canopy bed.
Deathmatch: Whedon vs. Ellis
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I was just reading the blog of Warren Ellis and came across a very funny little discussion between Ellis and Joss Whedon occuring in the comments of one of the posts.
For Your Listening Pleasure
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So my friend Dan of the Creepy Sleepy Show Podcast took a moment over the Christmas holiday to record me telling the Courtesy story along with Greg (who was involved) and Zach, who hid in the break room during the incident.


David Teaches Larry How To “Git-R-Done”
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If you have not had a chance yet you should totally read this open letter this archived open letter that David Cross wrote to Larry the Cable Guy in response to their now publicized feud.
I’ve Been A Bad Blogger
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I have been going in cycles with my blogging and have been in a downturn of late. I actually am working on a few interesting entries for you folks, but I’ve just been so damn busy and distracted.
All Your Base Are Well, They Appear To Be Our Property
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I found this little animation through Boing Boing. It is a little music video based off of the game Zero Wing sung to the tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It gets a little tedious in the middle, but it is still pretty cute.
One Of The Funniest Covers Ever
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I found this via a link on Cabell’s blog, and it is one of the funniest cover songs I have ever heard. It is a fun little folk/emo rendition of Baby Got Back.
“Can you think of ways to help him?”
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As a Buddhist, I found myself nearly rolling on the floor with laughter when I saw this excerpt from a Christian children’s coloring book on Boing Boing. Take a gander at it, as it is sometimes hard to believe that these kind of documents actually exist.
Why I Will Never Succeed In Marketing
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I was leaving a parking garage late last night, and as I waited for the cashier to get me my change he surprised me by asking if I was interested in selling my car.
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I am amused. The Isthmus Daily Page, which is the digital version of one of Madison’s free weekly newpapers cited my entry where I wrote about my short trip to the Taste of Madison.
Google Purge
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I love The Onion. It’s one of the few consistently funny periodicals out there. This very humorous article caught my attention in the print version today, especially considering all the activity and rumors flying about my favorite search engine.