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A Few Thoughts On Google+ From A Digital Misanthrope
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This Is Not A Review> This Is Not A Review # I have been using Google+ for a little over a week now, and over the course of that time, I have written several versions of this post you are reading right now.
HTML Video Codec Support in Chrome
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Google is dropping H.264 support in Chrome, in favor of WebM and Theora. Considering the tide of sites that are doing H.264 streaming these days, this seems like a bad move.


Running Yahoo! Pipes on Google App Engine » Wordloosed
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Greg Gaughan has put together a rather clever Python script that can take a pipe created and hosted on Yahoo! Pipes into a Python module. The resulting file allows you to run your pipe directly from your computer as opposed to relying on Yahoo!
Quick Post: Tweaking Feeds
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Just a short post to say that I’m altering the Everything feed1 for this site. Previously, it contained all the blog posts, links and photos that appear here. However, as I am piping this feed into several external sites, notably Google Buzz, and until services like Buzz allow me to specify particular feeds for import, as opposed to using auto-discovery, I risk flooding my activity stream every time I do a mass upload to my Flickr account.


The Go Programming Language
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Google has released their own programming language, appropriately named Go. I haven’t had time to dig deeply into this yet, but I’m seeing some interesting stuff that I like such as fast compilation, garbage collection, easy to read syntax, built in support for multicore machines and of course an open source BSD-style license.
Google Voice Rocks My World
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Google Voice is Google’s upgrade to the GrandCentral service they acquired almost two years ago. I’ve had a GrandCentral account for almost as long as the service existed, but I never found a reason to use it, mostly because the feature set was just short of being useful enough for me to want to manage an additional phone service.
Chrome Extension HOWTO ‎(Chromium Developer Documentation)‎
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It begins… People have been dying to start writing extensions for Chrome since it was first released. I’ve actually become accustomed to living without extensions when using Chrome, because the speed and other interface tweaks fit my workflow very well.


OpenDNS Blog » Google turns the page… in a bad way.
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This is not cool on Google and Dell’s part. This blog post from the guys at OpenDNS describes this little bit of "spyware" the two companies have started loading onto Dell computers.
Checking Out Google Reader
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On recommendation of far too many people to mention, I’m checking out Google Reader again. I remember peeking at it when it was first released, when I was stubbornly intent on sticking with browser/desktop based reader, and I remember being less than impressed.