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Quote: Washington Post on the Black Contractor Who Took Down Richmond's Confederate Statues
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This is a great profile from the Washington Post on Devon Henry, the contractor who took on the city of Richmond’s contract to remove their confederate statues, and the challenges he faced along the way.


NY Review of Books: A Universe of One's Own
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[Joanna] Russ had no patience for a genre predicated on the notion of speculative technologies but unable to imagine social institutions and women’s roles in them as freely. She would surely have objected to some of the stories in The Future Is Female.
NYT on the Secret History of Women in Coding
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The NYT recently ran a wonderfully in-depth story covering the history of women in coding. The issue of note for the article is that in the beginning of computer science the gender balance among programmers was basically equal.


When Elvis Died Podcast: Quentin's Quick History of Christmas
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My friend, Quentin Lewis has put together a fun examination of of how Christmas has been celebrated in the western world – with particular emphasis on how it has been celebrated in the United States and England – over the last few centuries.