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John Darnielle's Lyrics Slay Me
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When you punish a person for dreaming his dream, don’t expect him to thank or forgive you. — The Mountain Goats, “Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton" I’ve been listening to the podcast I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats, which is a wonderful show about music, being an artist, and what it means to be a fan.


Strumming Again
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Let's talk about regrets, shall we?

They tend to haunt us through the years. Sometimes they are the things we wish we had said (or could be unsaid), and sometimes they are bigger than that, a path you didn't take, or one you abandoned only a few steps along the way. It's the second type I'd like to focus on today, and I'd like to start with one of mine.


Download Uproar: Record Industry Goes After Personal Use -
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Via /.: Now the RIAA is filing suit for people making "unauthorized copies" of their music, by which they mean ripping a legally purchased CD to mp3 for personal use. Don’t let the Jammie Thomas photo fool you, the aspect of the suit the article is talking about does not involve her and does not involve file sharing, but rather the thing that millions of people do with their CDs every day.


And Now For Something More On The Order Of Happy
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If you are unfamiliar with the geeky folk/rock musical stylings of Jonathan Coulton, you are seriously missing out. I cannot even imagine what the inside of this man’s mind is like, but I bet it is a lot of fun.
Help A Mother Fight the RIAA
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I just found an entry on Boing Boing that informs us that Patricia Santangelo, the mother who refused to settle out of court when the RIAA’s goons came to her door.


I’ve Been A Bad Blogger
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I have been going in cycles with my blogging and have been in a downturn of late. I actually am working on a few interesting entries for you folks, but I’ve just been so damn busy and distracted.
Review: DRM-less Online Media Store Offers Hope To Consumers
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I recently came upon a Boing Boing post regarding a new online store serving up digital media for the public. The store is Common Media, which has been supplying free fair-use media for a while now, but as a commerce site it comes in two flavors: Common Tunes and Common Flix, which are music and video stores respectively.
All Your Base Are Well, They Appear To Be Our Property
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I found this little animation through Boing Boing. It is a little music video based off of the game Zero Wing sung to the tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It gets a little tedious in the middle, but it is still pretty cute.
One Of The Funniest Covers Ever
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I found this via a link on Cabell’s blog, and it is one of the funniest cover songs I have ever heard. It is a fun little folk/emo rendition of Baby Got Back.
Review: The Dresden Dolls Concert
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Last night I attended the Dresden Dolls show at the Barrymore Theater in Madison, and it was one of the best rock shows I have experienced in my life. The night began quietly, but with a sense of mischief.
“Hanging out the window with a bottle full of rain”
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Okay, I just broke an oath I swore to myself that I would never use song lyrics in a blog post, and I promise to never do it again. I have good reason this time though.
Yay! *does happy dance*
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The Dresden Dolls are going to be doing a show in Madison!!!! It looks like the Dolls will be here Oct. 17th at the Barrymore Theatre, which promises to rock my socks off.
Mmm, That’s Good Geek!
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I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to Jade Empire the last couple days. Yes, I am a huge nerd and actually bought the musical score of a video game. But you have to understand: it’s that good.
RIAA Strikes Again: Master Blaster!
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“Can’t you see? He has the mind of a child!” Or rather, the RIAA does. Seriously, this is just getting ridiculous. The RIAA has done it again, and yes, they made bunny cry.
Treat Yourself
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If you have not done so yet, do yourself a favor and pick up the new White Stripes album, Get Behind Me Satan. It is wonderful and I have been seriously digging on it for the last few weeks.
A Suggestion
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I am working on a more substantial post coming up soon, but it probably will not be ready until sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, if you have never listened to it before, pick up “The Boatman’s Call” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.