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Woo-hoo! I’m On Google IM!!!
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I am on Google IM as we speak. Google is just using the Jabber protocol and you use your gmail account username. For detailed info on how to get on go here.
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My friends over at the Creepy Sleepy Show are running a contest you may be interested in. As you know, I am not a big fan of Apple products, but if you are looking for a free MP3 player, they are giving one away!
Virtual Reality Therapy For Soldiers
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I just came across an interesting article by Xeni Jardin on Wired about a new Virtual Reality Therapy being used to treat soldiers returning form war. This process recreates battle trauma they experienced and teaches them to deal with their extreme emotions regarding the experience.
You Should Totally Be Listening to TWiT
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Seriously, I absolutely love this podcast. This Week In Tech is hands-down the best tech podcast out there. Informative and entertaining it is not to be missed. If you are interested in technology, this should be added to your podcatcher already, and if it is not, do it now.
Laugh Gallery
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My friend Quentin pointed me towards the Rock And Roll Confidential site, which is sort of a compendium of the worst bands in existence. I highly recommend you spend some time perusing their Hall of Douchebags section consisting of promo photos of bad bands and their commentary on them.
A Plea To Podcasters
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The following is a Public Service Announcement. For the love of God, please write the IDv3 tags for your files consistently! It is driving me absolutely nuts going through and correcting your tags by hand every time I download one of your files.
This Kid Is So Much Cooler Than Me
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Seriously, this kid at a young age is dancing his ass off to Joan Jett before an audience. He’s awesome. I so don’t have the guts to ever do something like this.
The Monkey Must Pay
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Okay, I just found out about this little game online. It may be the most pointless thing I have seen in a while, but it involves a monkey so of course I played with it for about 10 minutes.
You Need To Try This Out
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I was just on the Penny Arcade site and found a link to a bizarre little RPG game that runs in your browser. It is strangely simple and infuriatingly difficult in some ways.
Living A Double Life
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I recently learned about the online service Second Life. This must be one of the most bizarre things I have encountered online. For those of you unfamiliar with this service, Second Life is essentially a complex 3D digital environment where you can create your own completely customizable avatar, and by avatar I don’t mean an icon, but a fully realized 3D digital body.
Aural Pleasure For Geeks
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Last night before bed I listened to the most recent episode of Dragon Page Wingin’ It, which I highly recommend that you go download and listen to. It’s chock full of hilarity, and plenty of sweet geeky goodness.
“Never Paid A Dime”
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One of the fathers of blogging is actually homeless. You can read a good article about him here, and you can visit his site here.