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The Dumplings Command Me
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Once, many years ago I made potato gnocchi, because I desired their deliciousness. And they were yummy, but I swore to myself that I would never make them again. Why? Because unless you plan to spread your meal preparation over two days, it takes several hours to produce the meal, and it is really a lot of work during the entire process.
Feeling A Little Inspired
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I was going to write a short little post about how unproductive my last few days have been. I had plenty of stories to tell about watching DVDs, reading and staring at the walls of my apartment.
Real Genius and Attribute Exchange
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If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a huge dork. There was a time in my life where I could have quoted the entirety of the movie Real Genius to you on demand.
I Avoid Work Like A Ninja
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I am really a very lazy person. This may not always be apparent to the casual observer because they may see me at work, where I am very focused and willing to help out with anything.
I Cancelled My Mad Max Audition
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Well, I am finally starting to understand the way Linux works, and I am getting better and better at using and navigating it every day. This is really good, because although my friends and coworkers have this image of me as some kind of computer guru, I have secretly known that I am really just a retarded man-child among computer geeks.
I’m A Hopeless Geek
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Okay, I should have been in bed a couple hours ago, but I stayed up to try out a new Linux installation. SuSE 9.3 rocks my socks off. Not only does it support my sound card (a problem I had with other distros), I can even access ALL the files on my Windows partion from here without booting over to the other side!
Profitable Business Partnerships
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Many years ago, I was driving through the suburbs of Chicago with my girlfriend at the time and I saw what had to be a very profitable arrangement. Driving down the road I noticed a retirement home coming up on my right.
Sleep of Reason Pt. 3
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Link to Part 1 Link to Part 2 Terrified of a world I could not mentally grasp, I attempted to exert control over my reality in lieu of understanding. This led me to paganism and the occult, and the attraction that magic could somehow give me the ability to influence the world around me.
Sleep of Reason Pt. 2
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Link to Part 1 In my nightmares I had come to associate logical reasoning with a monstrous figure that would tear me apart even as it embraced me. Intuitive and experiential knowledge I began to associate with a mystery woman and the intensely spiritual lovemaking of my dreams.
Sleep of Reason Pt. 1
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When I was in high school I used to have a recurring nightmare once every month or so. It was part of the most important spiritual developments in my life. I am running.
Gasp! My Secret Identity Is Revealed!
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You observant folk may have noticed that my blog now identifies me by my real name. Now, those who know me might be a little surprised by this because they are familiar with what a private person I am, but I say screw that.
My New Title
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My friend Christina was just accusing me of being deliberately mysterious. Admittedly, this is sometimes the case. The important thing is that Christina has officially appointed me Minister of Intrigue. How sweet is that?
Apology And A Trailer For Things To Come
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It was hot and miserable on the road at work today. I set up detours, dealt with summer school kids and was still somehow bored the entire time. I didn’t even have the energy left to watch all of Princess Mononoke (which I bought on DVD today), and that is sad.
I Am Done With Summer
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It is hot and humid and I hate it. I would give anything to get rid of this heat. I do not enjoy the extreme seasons of winter and summer, and we have more than two months left of the latter.
I Am Dumb
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So one of the coolest things my dad got me for my birthday was a new computer desk to replace the cunningly stacked boxes that I have been using the last few weeks.
Realization (No More Excuses)
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Today at work a drunk crazy guy threatened to beat me up. It was unnerving as I am sure you can imagine. What was most unsettling about the whole thing was my reaction to it.
Day Trade
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Today, I was patrolling the transfer point again and I got ensnared in a conversation with one of the riders, who was quite clearly not right in the head. At first, he was just going on about the problems we had been having down at that area and how he gets angry at the kids for being so stupid.
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Today at work I had to have a couple kids arrested. I was supervising a transfer point for my transit agency and two young girls began shouting at each other over something stupid.
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Well, I finally got a decent computer again, and I've been playing on it far too much. I have spent so much time on the Internet this last week it is ridiculous.
Some Random Thoughts
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It is strange that I haven’t been blogging more now that I am no longer a data gypsy. I think it probably has to do with the fact that I’ve been working on some fiction recently so when I feel compelled to write I work on that.