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OmniFocus Life
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After 14 years away, I’m back to living that OmniFocus lifestyle. Way back when, before I had received my formal diagnosis for ADHD, I bounced between so many task management systems with excitement as I struggled to get control over my life.


We Need To Talk About Obsidian
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As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve recently come down with a case of the mind-virus that is Obsidian. I was infected by the dastardly Daniel Rodriguez, whose dark exploits are well known.


18 Essential Apps for Getting Shit Done
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OMG, a workflow post! Apps, tools, productivity, oh my! Listen, we all know that no app can make you more productive by itself. Your methods are always more important than your tools.


Quote: Maciej Ceglowski on Productivity Techniques
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Kindly remember that if, unprompted, you tell someone about your system for getting organized, you are no better than a vegan. — @Pinboard


Quest for Organization: Not Really a Review of Things
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I am not naturally a very organized person, which is something I’ve always struggled with. My tendency, from an early age, has always been to try and hold all my responsibilities, appointments and tasks within my head.