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“Sex Is Fun” Is Being Taught An Important Lesson: Don’t Centralize
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Via Digg: This is an interesting story that showed up a few days ago. The very popular sex education podcast “Sex Is Fun” has been removed from the iTunes directory. “Sex Is Fun” is a sex-positive podcast/videocast that focused on educating their audience on a whole host of sexual issues.
It’s Nice To See Common Sense On The Web
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If you get a chance you really should read this message sent to the folks at Yahoo Mail. It’s a great piece of common sense emphasizing the need for coding according to the web standards and doing away with the ridiculous notion of a page displaying “your browser is unsupported” message, which shouldn’t ever be the case if the page is coded correctly.
Warning to All Podcasters: Listen to What Podshow Wants From You
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Via Digg: Keith and Chemda of the Keith and the Girl podcast recently received a copy of the Podshow contract via an anonymous listener before they entered into a non-disclosure agreement with the folks at Podshow.


That Ring Is Like The Screams Of The Damned To My Ears
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I hate the telephone with an unreasoning yet unstoppable passion. It’s something my father and I share, so I probably learned it from him. The sound of a phone ringing, even if it is a cutesy cell phone ringtone, is like fingernails on chalkboard to my ears.
A Plea To Podcasters
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The following is a Public Service Announcement. For the love of God, please write the IDv3 tags for your files consistently! It is driving me absolutely nuts going through and correcting your tags by hand every time I download one of your files.
Apple: Just As Evil
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This may not sound very hip in these days of iTunes, iPod and the Mac Mini, but I really dislike Apple. I have always thought that Apple products as a whole were ridiculously over-hyped, and that their performance was not nearly outstanding enough to merit the rabid fan base they had developed.