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Ted Chiang on Writing
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Great interview with Ted Chiang, who happens to be a rather brilliant science fiction writer. Seriously, if you have not read his wonderful story "Exhalation", you have missed a gem. You can also hear an audio production of that story here.


Intelligent Design In Schools Rejected By Federal Court
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For those of you who have not been following this case, a federal judge in Pennsylvania has ruled against the school board who instituted a policy of teaching Intelligent Design alongside evolution in the science classroom.
β€œCan you think of ways to help him?”
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As a Buddhist, I found myself nearly rolling on the floor with laughter when I saw this excerpt from a Christian children’s coloring book on Boing Boing. Take a gander at it, as it is sometimes hard to believe that these kind of documents actually exist.
Sleep of Reason Pt. 3
·463 words·3 mins
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Link to Part 1 Link to Part 2 Terrified of a world I could not mentally grasp, I attempted to exert control over my reality in lieu of understanding. This led me to paganism and the occult, and the attraction that magic could somehow give me the ability to influence the world around me.
Sleep of Reason Pt. 2
·570 words·3 mins
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Link to Part 1 In my nightmares I had come to associate logical reasoning with a monstrous figure that would tear me apart even as it embraced me. Intuitive and experiential knowledge I began to associate with a mystery woman and the intensely spiritual lovemaking of my dreams.
Sleep of Reason Pt. 1
·552 words·3 mins
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When I was in high school I used to have a recurring nightmare once every month or so. It was part of the most important spiritual developments in my life. I am running.