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Evil Editor Is Here To Help You
·454 words·3 mins
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If you are interested in being published, or just want some great entertainment, you should head on over to Evil Editor and read his hilariously vicious critiques. The relatively new blog is run by an anonymous editor (surprise!
So Now I’m Also Hooked On Podiobooks
·366 words·2 mins
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Okay, I have yet another addiction provided by the Internet. Among all the other things I spend my time doing online, between listening to podcasts, reading blogs, writing blog entries, tracking news and writing code, I am now avidly listening to the podiobooks provided at (where else?


Your Guess Is As Good As Mine
·141 words·1 min
Articles Weird Writing
I have no idea how tired or drunk I was when I wrote this, but I found it among my other blog notes so I thought I would post it here to give you a view into the way my mind works when exhausted.
Feeling A Little Inspired
·290 words·2 mins
Articles Personal Writing
I was going to write a short little post about how unproductive my last few days have been. I had plenty of stories to tell about watching DVDs, reading and staring at the walls of my apartment.
·1243 words·6 mins
Articles Personal Writing
Well, I finally got a decent computer again, and I've been playing on it far too much. I have spent so much time on the Internet this last week it is ridiculous.


Story Pt. 1
·214 words·2 mins
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My Inner Geek is alive and well. Last night my friend and I completely geeked out to the Star Wars DVD trilogy. It is the simple things in life you treasure.